Healthy vegetables comes from, healthy soils.  Using organic farming methods, we are not only restoring the nutrients in the soil, but improving its quality for our future. Using ecologically-sound growing practices is safe for us as growers, for you as consumers, and for the earth around us. We do not use pesticides or chemical fertilizers on any of our crops. We specialize in home garden varieties of vegetables such as:

purple, orange & yellow carrots, golden, chioggia & red ace beets, red & yellow onion, peas, string beans, rutabaga, radish, brussels sprouts, savory, parsnip, chard, beet greens,

Potatoes: gold rush russet, Yukon gold, reds, caribe, yellow fin, shepody, whites, German butterball

We want to provide our customers with the enjoyment of quality products while adding the concepts of “buying local” to their vocabulary.

Misty Meadows wholesales organic farm produce to many stores and restaurants across Maine. Our specialties include root and storage crops, but our availability list shows what we grow in our climate.

While change is what has made us competitive in the current marketplace, a few things have remained the same: our commitment to grow the highest quality produce; and our desire to deliver that product directly to the end consumer.

We deliver within 75 miles of our farm and Crown’s Maine Organic Coop delivers for us throughout the rest of the state. [continue tour]