Six years ago we decided to purchase 100 chicks to add to our growing farm. The children raised these chicks as pets, giving some of them names and spending hours in the coop. Once people heard of our new venture they came for these farm fresh eggs. We started making weekly deliveries to people's houses. When there were too many requests for us to deliver per week, we decided to go to different stores.

Now we are proud to say that we have a flock of 1800 laying hens. We have brown eggs, white eggs, and from our beautiful Americauna hens, we have blue eggs. Yes, blue eggs!  During the day our hens can be found relaxing in their spacious quarters, taking sunbaths, dusting themselves, laying eggs in their nests, and carrying on as a good hen should. We wash and sort our eggs by hand daily. Try the difference: finer whites that don't run, stand up yolks of a deeper color, and a distinctive farm taste. If you've never had farm fresh eggs, you're in for a real treat. They really do taste better.

You can find our eggs in stores and restaurants from Fort Kent to Kittery. Call us to find out where you can buy these fine eggs.

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